What Could Your Case Be Worth? Case Valuations Across North Carolina

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settles for $3M

The wife and children of a North Carolina man killed after a commercial truck hit his car has settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $3 million.  The truck driver ran a stop sign and struck the car which lead to the death of the 60 year old driver.  The treating surgeon’s testimony regarding the aftermath of the wreck and the man’s suffering after the crash was important to the settlement negotiations.

City of Charlotte Pays $950K to College Student Killed by Police Cruiser

The City of Charlotte paid $950,000 to the family of a college student who was killed after being struck by a police cruiser estimated to be going up to 100 mph.  The student was in the pedestrian walkway at the time of the collision.  Although the descendent had alcohol in his system, he was legally crossing the street and could not have have been able to spot the police cruiser because it came over a hill at 100 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Monroe-based Refrigerator Filter Manufacturer Owes $5.8M in Damages Over Copyright Infringement

A federal jury in NC has found that a Monroe-based refrigerator filter manufacturer infringed on Whirlpool and Maytag Properties’ trademarks and owes them over $5.8 million in damages.  One large factor in the case was the fact that the defendant failed to maintain copies of their website, which eventually led the Court to give a spoliation of evidence instruction to the jury.

Man Hit by Ladder That Fell off a Construction Truck Receives $5M via Jury Verdict

A 35 year old man with blindness in his right eye and brain injuries received a $5 million dollar jury verdict in Cumberland County after he was struck by a ladder that fell off of a construction truck on the highway.  He had a prior condition that made his injuries worse and he was therefore an “egg-shell” plaintiff.  He can no longer work and will require a life-care plan to address his memory loss, depression and PTSD.

Family of 60 Year Old Woman Killed by Commercial Truck Settles for $9.85M

A 60 year old woman who was killed after a commercial truck hit her vehicle settled the case for $9.85 million dollars.  The driver of the commercial truck had a history of accidents and traffic violations.

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