From the Beaches to the Blue Ridge
Lawyers You Can Count On

From the Beaches to the Blue Ridge
Lawyers You Can Count On

Why Choose Us?

  • EXPERIENCED – Green Mistretta Law has the experience and expertise to take your case from the beginning through trial if necessary. We will never force you to settle your case because we are not prepared to try your case before a judge and jury. We begin preparing your case for trial the moment you become a Green Mistretta client. We are always prepared.
  • DEDICATED – We are dedicated to pursuing the best possible result for you. Green Mistretta lawyers are competitive by nature - we want to win! We work tirelessly to do everything we can to make that happen.
  • AGGRESSIVE – Green Mistretta lawyers have a well-earned reputation as aggressive litigators who never back down from a fight. We are known for relentlessly fighting for our clients.
  • COMPASSIONATE – Our lawyers fiercely pursue our clients’ rights yet, at the same time, we compassionately advise and counsel them at every stage of their case. Litigation is difficult and stressful. We give our clients personal attention, not just attention to their case. We care deeply about the injuries our clients have sustained and what they and their families are going through.

We Get Results


Settlement for family of teenaged son who drowned in public pool


Settlement for family business related to property being sold with known, toxic and hazardous substances


Settlement for family due to loved one’s death resulting from tractor-trailer crash


Verdict for North Carolina small business owner against Canada on breach of contract claim


Settlement for family whose son was killed by tractor-trailer


Settlement for widow whose husband was killed by tractor-trailer crash

Green Mistretta Law assesses each of its cases individually. Results vary depending on the facts involved in any particular case. The results reported throughout this website are not to be interpreted as a prediction of future results nor as a guarantee of an outcome of any particular case.