Is Your Well-Water Contaminated? Take Action Today

There has been a recent discovery that well-water in Wake, Franklin, and Johnston counties that may be a grave threat to those in the area dependent on well-water.  It has been found that traces of radioactive substances such as uranium and radon are present in the well-water, which can cause a variety of health issues as well as increase the likelihood of cancer.  Our attorneys discuss some of the questions you should be asking, as well as what actions to take if you have been affected.

Have You Recently Learned That You and Your Family’s Well-Water May Be or Is Contaminated with the Radioactive Substances Uranium or Radon?

Have you been recently notified by city or state officials that your well-water contains or may contain uranium or radon?  Have you personally tested your well, and the results showed that your well, does in fact, contain either of these radioactive substances? Are you a residential builder or developer who has purchased land or owns land to be sold in Wake, Franklin or Johnston Counties and you have just learned the wells that serve that land are contaminated with uranium or radon?

Actions to Take If You Answered Yes

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to speak with an experienced environmental attorney as soon as possible. At Green Mistretta Law, our attorneys possess over 30 years of combined experienced in handling environmental well-water issues just like the hazardous contamination facing thousands of landowners in Wake, Johnson and Franklin Counties.  Specifically, attorney Stan Green, is vastly experienced handling these types of cases and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Law.

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At this time, Mr. Green is offering a free, no-obligation consultation to each family or anyone who has been affected by this well-water contamination crisis.

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