How to Deal With the Insurance Company After a Car Crash in Raleigh, NC

Serious car crashes happen every day. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle reports that there were 66,722 injury crashes reported statewide in 2020. There were 5,570 injuries reported in Raleigh alone. Following a major collision, injured victims need to know what to do to get financial compensation for vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

As the overwhelming majority of motor vehicle accident claims are handled by insurance companies, you must know how to handle insurance adjusters after a crash. In this article, our seasoned and trusted auto accident attorney provides a comprehensive guide that you can use to deal with the insurance company after a car crash in North Carolina. 

Five Tips for Dealing With an Insurance Company After a Car Accident

  1. Understand the Role (and Motivations) of the Insurance Company

The insurance company has a legal duty to protect its policyholders’ interests. At the same time, the primary motivation of an insurance carrier is to protect its own business interests. In effect, this means the insurer is generally trying to resolve car accident claims for the lowest settlement possible—sometimes even denying liability outright. When negotiating with them, you should keep this in mind and be prepared to fight for the full and just financial compensation you deserve. 

  1.  Avoid Providing a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster

Relatively shortly after a crash, an insurance adjuster may try to contact you seeking a recorded statement. You have the right to take time to recover from your injuries and the stress of the accident. You do not have to give a statement—and you should decline. Any statement you make could be used against you in the process to reduce the value of your claim. Insurance adjusters are explicitly trained to try to get people to say things that can be used to undermine their claims. 

  1.  Get Organized: Make Sure You Have as Much Information as Possible

Collect all the relevant information that you can about the accident, including photos of the damage, police reports, medical records, and witness statements. Do not forget to organize and keep all receipts and invoices for medical expenses and lost wages related to the accident. The more information that you have regarding the crash and your injuries, the better position you will be in to protect your rights and bring a successful claim. 

  1.  Do Not Agree to Settle Your Claim for Less than Full and Fair Value

How much is a car accident injury claim worth? The answer depends on many factors, including your ability to prove liability, the extent of your damages, and the specific insurance coverage that the parties have in place. Regardless, you cannot always rely on an insurance company to step up and immediately offer the full and fair financial compensation that you deserve. Do not agree to settle your claim until you know the value. Insurance wants injured victims to take less. You may be entitled to recover financial relief for: 

  • Automobile repairs
  • Emergency medical care
  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Wrongful death of a family member 

5.   Work With the Insurer Through a Car Accident Attorney

The best way to deal with an insurance company after a car crash is to work with them through an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will ensure that your claim is handled properly and that your rights are respected every step of the way. Along with other things, a top-rated car accident attorney can:

  • Review your case for free and answer your questions.
  • Help you obtain and organize all documents, records, and evidence. 
  • Handle all insurance claims paperwork and correspondence with insurers.
  • Represent you in any car accident settlement negotiations with the insurers.
  • Take whatever legal action is needed to hold the insurer accountable. 

Set Up a Free, No Obligation Consultation With a Top-Rated Auto Accident Lawyer 

At Green Mistretta Law, PLLC, our experienced North Carolina car crash attorney fights hard to protect the rights of victims and their families. If you were hurt in an accident, we are more than ready to help you take on the insurance company and maximize your financial recovery. You are not alone. 

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