Can I Claim Workers Compensation?  A Status Report.

Our attorneys commonly get asked questions regarding workers’ compensation, particularly in regards as to whether they are able to claim worker’s compensation.  Here at Green Mistretta Law, we decided to put together a resource that continually updates based on frequently asked questions, as well as developments in regards to workers’ compensation.

Video Surveillance Proves Employee Faked Symptoms

A Plaintiff was denied benefits under the Act where it was showed that (1) she overstated the extent of her injuries, and (2) refused to apply for jobs for which she was qualified.  The Defendant employer used video surveillance to show that she was essentially faking her symptoms will visiting her treating doctor.

While fighting workers’ compensation claims is a delicate situation, if an employer has concrete evidence of fraud, it greatly increases the strength of their case and improves their chances of winning dramatically.  It should also be noted that faking injuries in order to claim workers’ compensation can result in fines, as well as jail time.

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