Can Employees Be Fired for Refusing to Work Due to COVID-related Concerns?

North Carolina employers are committed to keeping people safe. As the State continues to reopen following the peak of the global health pandemic, the longstanding priority of preserving the health and safety of employees and the public alike remains.

However, in this constantly changing environment inundated with an overwhelming amount of sometimes contradictory information, it can be challenging to know what you need to do to keep your family healthy and safe. Many employers have restructured to allow employees to work from home, but what if you are required to go into work? Is it safe for you to return to the workplace? Are you obligated to do so? If you feel your safety is at risk by returning, will choosing to stay home result in termination?

There are numerous resources available about how COVID-19 impacts the workplace, but the information is changing fast.  Frequently asked questions include:

  • How Do I Know If My Workplace Is Safe?
  • Can I Work Remotely to Minimize Exposure?
  • Am I Obligated to Return to the Office?
  • Will I Lose My Job If I Don’t Return?
  • If I am terminated do I get unemployment?

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