Estates, Wills & Trusts

Raleigh Estate Planning Attorneys

Green Mistretta Law offers some of the most comprehensive and competitively priced estate planning services in North Carolina.  The attorneys at Green Mistretta Law can provide you one on one attention to make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for whatever life may bring.  Whether it is just a simple will or a complex trust, we have attorneys who can make sure you have the right documents in place to make sure your wishes are followed. 

We help clients with their estate planning needs:

  • Last Will & Testament.  A qualified attorney at Green Mistretta Law will meet with you personally to make sure that your last wishes are clearly outlined and to make sure you get excellent legal advice as to the best way to distribute your estate. 
  • Durable Powers of Attorney. At Green Mistretta Law, we can tailor your durable power of attorney to make sure the you put the right person in charge of your financial affairs when you cannot be and to make sure they have only the authority that you wish to delegate to them.
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney.  Just as your durable power of attorney is important for your finances, the attorneys at Green Mistretta Law can also make sure you have the right people in the right order to make your healthcare choices if you cannot do so yourself.
  • Living Will/Advance Directive.  As part of your estate planning needs, Green Mistretta Law can also help you understand what a Living Will or Advance Directive is and to make sure yours is adheres to your wishes and that it is executed correctly.
  • Trust Planning.  If your estate planning needs require a more complex strategy, attorneys at Green Mistretta Law can help draft a trust or trusts that will protect you and your loved ones during your lifetime and after you are gone.  Our trust planning services include revocable, irrevocable, and special needs trusts drafted specifically for you and personalized to your needs and wishes.   

Raleigh Probate, Estate and Trust Administration and Litigation Attorneys

Green Mistretta Law attorneys are here and ready to assist you with any of your probate or estate and trust administration needs, including going to court to litigate matters such as a contesting a will or modifying a trust.  The attorneys at Green Mistretta Law can assist you with the difficult and often stressful process of probate and estate administration.  In addition, our attorneys have the experience in the courtroom if

We help clients with their Probate, Estate or Trust Administration matters:

  • Probate and Estate Administration.  Attorneys at Green Mistretta Law are available to assist you with qualifying to be the Executor or Administrator of an estate and to help guide you through the probate process until the final account is filed.    
  • Trust Administration.  If you are the trustee or the beneficiary of a trust, Green Mistretta Law has an attorney that can either assist you with navigating the law to make sure you follow the rules set out in the trust or advocate for you if you are the beneficiary of that trust to make sure you get what you are entitle to and to make sure your interests are protected.
  • Probate Litigation.  Whether you are contesting a will or if someone is contesting a will that you are the Executor for, Green Mistretta Law can help litigate that matter for you.  From the filing a will caveat to a family settlement agreement or even a jury trial, Green Mistretta Law has the experience, the staff, and the resources to make sure your rights and your interests are protected. 

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Our experience attorneys are ready to help you with all of your Estate, Probate and Trust Administration.  Green Mistretta Law is proud to provide premier legal services and excellent counsel regarding your needs in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina.  Contact us today by calling 919 278 7453 or completing our short form below.